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Ground Spinners


Exclusively Offered by Patriotic Fireworks = Only available from Patriotic Fireworks New Item This Year! = New this year
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We only sell in full cases. We cannot ship individual pieces.

Item No. Item Description

Case Packing

Case Price

08042 Dizzy Bees - High Speed twirl on ground, loud crackling end 6/32/3 Click to See Picture 135.70
08007 Ground Bloom - Spins on ground changing colors 20/12/6 Click to See Picture 89.99
08030 Jack in the Box - Fountain w/ground spinners 30/6 Click to See Picture 95.51
08010 Jumbo Ground Bloom - Spins on ground, changes colors 12/12/6 148.98
08001 Jumping Jack - Old favorite, spins on ground changing colors 20/48/12 Click to See Picture 99.99
08003 Jumping Jack Small - Old favorite, spins on ground changing colors 80/12/12 Click to See Picture 107.89


We require a $200.00 minimum purchase.

All prices are for full cases, unless specified otherwise.

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