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We only sell in full cases. We cannot ship individual pieces.

Item No. Item Description

Case Packing

Case Price

14028 Mammoth Parachute 40" - Day use, w/smoke 12/4 92.99
14007 Night Parachute, Double - Old favorite, night use 48/6 Click to See Picture 127.49
14017 Parachute Battalion - 40 parachutes, day use 12/1 Click to See Picture 159.99
14042 Parachute Exhibition 19s - Color pearls, whistling & crackling, night use 12/1 Click to See Picture 159.99
14011 Parachute with 7 Color Changing Flare - Night use 18/6 109.99
14048 The Red Beret - Crackling, blue smoke, whistle, w/soldier, day use 36/3 Click to See Picture 124.16

We require a $200.00 minimum purchase.

All prices are for full cases, unless specified otherwise.

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