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Shipping To Your Location





Can Not Ship to: CA, DE, MA, NJ, NY, OH, OR, RI, WA

Residents of VT, CT, MD, MN, RI may only order

items LEGAL in these states.

Shipments to Alaska: Cost of freight is subject to

domestic and ocean freight charges.

Please allow at least 2 weeks delivery time.


  • First, make sure fireworks can be shipped into your state. We can not by law, ship to any other the states mentioned above.

  • The "Purchase Agreement" must be filled out completely, signed, and in the possesion of Patriotic Fireworks before any orders are processed or shipped.

  • MINIMUM PURCHASE amount for shipping orders is $200.00, plus a $15.00 packing and handling fee. Handling fee will be waived for orders over $1,000.

  • MINIMUM SHIPPING CHARGE is $125.00 Freight priced on individual order basis. You will be responsible to pay the freight company charges when your shipment arrives. We can only provide you with an ESTIMATE of their charges.

  • You will be responsible to pay the freight company charges when your shipment arrives. We can only provide you with an ESTIMATE of their charges.

  • All shipments are sent by common carrier (truck freight). You will need to provide a business address or pick up your fireworks at the nearest freight terminal. Inspect and inventory all pieces in your shipment before signing the bill of lading with the freight carrier. Note any discrepancies on the bill of lading and file a claim with the freight carrier if anything is damaged or missing.

  • COMPLETELY fill out and sign the "Purchase Agreement" and fill out the order form. Please include our item number for each case ordered and the number of cases of each item you wish to purchase. Fax (410-287-9588), or mail (P.O. Box 484, North East, MD 21901), the completed "Purchase Agreement"and order form to Patriotic Fireworks.


  • Your order will normally be processed and shipped within three to five business days upon receipt of your order. Last day we can accept ship orders for guaranteed delivery by 4th of July delivery is June 19, 2017.

  • We will attempt to call you if any substitutions are necessary, but we reserve the right to substitute for any items we are out of stock on, with a similar item of equal, or greater, value.If you have questions regarding case packing, please visit our web site, and click on "Q & A". The first question and answer addresses case packing in detail. You can also call (410) 287-2365 or contact customer service at



Customer Service       (410) 287-2365 ext 25

Shipping Dept            (410) 287-2365 ext 12

Sales Dept                (410) 287-2365 ext 11


We require a $200.00 minimum purchase.

All prices are for full cases, unless specified otherwise.

You Can't Be Patriotic Unless You Buy Patriotic!



General Information

Customer Service (410) 287-2365 ext 25

Sales Dept (410) 287-2365 ext 11

Shipping Dept (410) 287-2365 ext 12


We can also be reached by phone at 410-287-2365, or via fax at 410-287-9588.
Or via USPS at: P.O. Box 484, North East, MD 21901.

For GPS directions visit the directions page.